Actionable intelligence
from integrated data

Market research and insight departments are being challenged to go beyond numbers and rear view mirror analysis. They want to provide actionable business insights to stakeholders. Yet, increasing complexity and depth of data, and lack of resources to drive analytics hamper their efforts.

Course5 Intelligence helps organizations overcome these challenges with Turbo Insights. This solution is built on process reengineering, technology, data analytics, and an integrated 360 degree approach to information synthesis.

Data across channels is consolidated into a single powerful data stream that is the foundation of a strong analytics program. Using proprietary tools and platforms, Course5 analysts rapidly synthesize data, extract well-founded insights, and deliver them through intuitive visualization. Cumulative expertise across market research analytics, social media intelligence, and business domains helps our analysts derive nuanced insights useful across business functions.

Course5’s multi-disciplinary team of analysts and researchers acts as an extension to the organization’s internal market research and business intelligence teams. Turbo Insights brings high agility and precision to the market research framework enabling better outcomes at lower costs.

market insights-overview


Deep familiarity with data sources and strong expertize in mining digital and behavioural data

Process reengineering and disaggregation of primary market research to optimize operational tasks

Proprietary technology platforms and automation capabilities to drive efficiencies

Strong synthesis and analytics skills in mining existing data sets and generating insights

Specialized visualization practice that enables creation of impactful reports and interactive dashboards driving usage


market research insights-framework


  • Enables 360 degree view of the market, customer, and competition
  • Provides business continuity through easy scalability and plug-and-play approach
  • Higher ROI from marketing and data technology investments
  • Speedy, near real time insights with agile decision making capabilities
  • Enhanced capacity and capabilities business growth and sustainability