How can I retain my high-value customers? How do I improve my ARPU? What kind of products and services should I bundle, cross-sell, and upsell? With the evolution of the digital ecosystem, telecom firms today face competition not just from firms within the industry but also from OTT providers and smartphone manufacturers.

These new competitors are providing hardware, communication, and entertainment solutions, resulting in a steady decline of ARPU for telecom firms. Telecom companies need to evolve and pivot on being customer-centric service providers. Course5 Intelligence helps telecom firms leverage evolving technologies and

advanced analytics to improve their core offerings and offer new and value-added services, more rapidly and flexibly. Our solutions empower clients with near real-time, high-quality insights that in turn help them deliver sophisticated omnichannel customer experiences, earn customer loyalty, and achieve massive operational efficiencies.



  • Improve digital customer experience, enhance value from digital channels, and bring down costs through digital self-serve

Insights & Analytics

  • Stay ahead of disruptive changes with proactive insights, drive integrated insights from multiple data sources, improve speed to insights, democratize insights across the organization

Sales & Marketing

  • Improve ARPU, reduce customer churn, improve brand health measures, win new customers through improved targeting