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Market and Competitive Intelligence Landscape

Organization needs to keep pace with constant changes in the market and competitive scenario. Reaction times are often in hours or days. Markets are getting more complex, and competition more aggressive. In this context, update to and well rounded market and competitive intelligence is key for driving impactful business decisions. Today there is no dearth of data sources!. However, this explosion of digital / social / behavioural data sources makes insight generation all the more challenging. There is a need for a new way of gathering, analysing and delivering market and competitive intelliegence.

Benefits of our Market and Competitive Intelligence Solutions

Improved decision-making through deeper insights from our 360-degree approach leveraging multiple data sources

Automation and applied AI based solutions and accelerators that ensure much higher speed to insights.

Long-term business value through ongoing market tracking and real-time updates

Significantly higher ROI from investments already made on market intelligence and competitive intelligence resources.

Purpose Driven Solutions for Every Market and Competitive Intelligence Need

Service Level Optimization

Compete Platform

Proprietary technology platform that leverage AI and ML for quick mining and integration of multiple data sources, including social media intelligence and primary market research data, to provide real time insights across the 4Ps. Built in collaboration tools to ensure that actions can be driven and tracked from the same platform.

Service Level Optimization

Market Opportunity Analysis

Going beyond market sizing and forecasting, Course5’s market opportunity analysis solution provides a true 360 view of the market and competitive landscape, with well triangulated insights and recommendations on how to tap the opportunities.

Service Level Optimization

Sales Intelligence Solutions

A suite of well-defined solutions that provide crisp and customized data and insights that help sales teams to succeed with the power of data at their fingertips. Range of solutions from battlecards, product tear downs, competitor strategy analysis and target customer analysis.

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