From Asking
to Listening

The nature of market and consumer research has changed. Business designed research is fast being replaced with consumer driven insights directly gleaned from digital platforms.

Course5 Intelligence’s Social Media Sensing solution combines deep capabilities across research, technology, analytics, and domain to extract rich real time consumer insights from live and historical conversations and unstructured data across data types: text, images, videos, and emoticons.

We operate at the expanding frontiers of Natural Language Programming (NLP) with extensive global languages coverage, recognition of dialectical nuance and transliterated expressions. Our solution provides emotion analysis, and an understanding of cultural context and human psychology, to equip businesses to distil the essence of consumer sentiment and draw concrete, actionable insight.

Course5 continuously invests in developing proprietary IPs focussed on custom APIs, web bots and other data ingestion engines, and in evolving expertise in ontology, emotional quotient analysis, digital entity mapping and other associated capabilities to help businesses consistently leverage digital data for ground success.

social media sensing-overview


Multidimensional capabilities across research, analytics, technology, and sectors

Platform agnostic coverage across data formats – structured and unstructured, text and audio-visual

Multilingual data coverage with exhaustive global languages coverage, including interpretation of dialectical nuances and transliterated phrases (e.g. native language expressed in English alphabet)

Identification of embedded tone, intention, and sentiments using Natural Language Programming (NLP) and advanced machine learning algorithms

Cross-enriched insights from multi product, multi vertical research

Updated with evolving digital media and consumer sensibilities

Compliance with privacy and other digital laws

Multi-mode deployments: Ongoing, Program, or Digital Learning Command Centres


social media sensing- framework


  • Direct, real- time and historical consumer feedback on business initiatives and offerings, at an optimized cost
  • Crowd sourced ideas for new products and services and insight into trends
  • Awareness of competitor products and relative share of online conversations
  • Greater ability to monitor and manoeuvre brand identity online
  • Quicker turnaround from data to actionable insights for enhanced business relevance
  • Leveraging of synergies across research methodologies with an integrated approach to primary, secondary, social research and advanced analytics