Gain Better Sales

Whether you’re headed to your next high stakes sales meeting or designing the aggressive new annual sales plan, the one weapon you’re going to need is insights. Businesses across the globe are tapping into data and insights to inform every stage of the sales funnel in a fierce business environment.

Course5’s Sales Effectiveness solution empowers sales organizations to make smarter decisions across the sales lifecycle with precise and timely intelligence and analytics offerings. From setting the right territory strategy and allocating accounts to meeting targets and benchmarking performance, the Sales Effectiveness solution reinforces every person on

the sales team with tactical and strategic intelligence at their moment of need. The solution also drives better outcomes from strategic initiatives such as setting up the sales play or designing seed and partner incentives programs.

For both large organizations with complex B2B sales structures and businesses with simpler sales flows, the Course5 Sales Effectiveness solution raises the overall performance of sales teams and the collective ROI through superior allocation, pitch, and attribution.

sales effectiveness- overview


Globally scalable solutions to enable and manage regional/territorial nuances

Out-of-box Sales Data Platform to enable scale of analytics offerings and consumption

Frameworks and blueprints for faster deployment


sales effectiveness framework


  • Data driven insights to support every aspect of the sales process
  • Better outcomes for strategic sales planning and allocation
  • Higher performance and overall ROI in the sales function