Primary Research

An integrated AI and digital technology-driven approach that augments survey research by combining high-end analytics and external data sources—delivering actionable results faster

Proven success in delivering over 60% savings in time and cost of operations

Business Challenges


Primary research operations take significant time and investment

Research operations are still handled manually with traditional tools. Stakeholders now expect data and insights in days or weeks – not months.

Over-reliance on survey data

There is an increased demand for data sources such as syndicated, social and behavioral in Primary Market Research (MR). The technology and expertise do not exist with traditional vendors or client market research departments.

Overuse of presentation decks and spreadsheets

This hampers democratization of data and access to insights, leading to limited adoption of findings and information silos. Stakeholders end up questioning the ROI of primary research.


  • A truly integrated approach that augments primary research with other data sources such as social media intelligence, behavioral data, transactional data and syndicated/secondary data
  • Provides a well triangulated view of the customer, competition, and overall market

  • An AI-based end-to-end market research process automation platform – Course5 Optimizer Suite – that significantly reduces time spent on operations
  • Optimizer Suite also drives higher quality insights through easier data integration and automated analytics

Primary research data visualization that goes beyond lengthy presentation decks—
dashboards, simulators, infographics, kinetic typography, motion graphics and videos all come together to make primary research study findings and associated stories come alive

Enabled a top 5 US-based energy supplier to identify key factors driving customer satisfaction, and arrive at the right drivers to focus on, using an analytics-powered driver model simulator.

Helped a top 3 global PC vendor improve key brand health metrics by providing actionable insights from a global brand tracker.

Leveraged our AI Research Suite to enable a top 10 global agency to bring down operational costs by 35% and reduce process time by 45%.

Business Impact

Higher speed-to-insights: rapid research studies conducted in less than 5 days; over 60% savings in time required for larger projects

Insight democratization drives 30% increase in use of market research insights

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