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The consumer is as much a role in the buying process as a profile, and the profile is a story far more complex than a combination of age, gender, occupation, income. Knowing the many facets of the consumer, seeing where they fit in the buying process, and understanding how they buy can help marketers achieve far greater success in all initiatives.

Course5 Intelligence’s People Based Marketing solution helps marketers in a B2C or B2B setup access rich consumer profiles that are continuously and dynamically stitched from cross channel activity, so that the entire branding to conversion process is better informed, fully updated, and on target.

The enhanced profiling helps define intriguing consumer segments. Course5’s segmentation strategy provides deeper understanding of the consumer’s attributes and behavior patterns, enabling higher relevance of Next Best Offer (NBO) and Next Best Action (NBA) in terms of time, medium, channel, and nature of offer.

People Based Marketing revolutionizes customer segmentation for businesses by providing critical linkages and determinant factors that collectively propel the consumer’s rational-impulsive act of buying.

people based marketing- overview


Universal Identifier for every consumer generated by stitching their cross-channel profiles

Foundation for Single View of the Consumer (SVOC)

Segmentation of customer base that can be leveraged for both targeting and re-marketing

Household information for B2C or account-based marketing for B2B businesses

Course5’s proprietary accelerators, framework, and IPs

Course5’s data partnership with 3rd party data providers


people based marketing- framework


  • Better ROI from marketing campaigns and enhanced consumer interaction
  • Single View of Consumer (SVOC) enables more targeted campaign messaging across multiple channels
  • Enriched existing audience personas with deeper insights on their needs, aspirations, and challenges
  • For both B2B and B2C marketers, better prospecting of target audience via look-alike modeling
  • Effective content marketing for target audience on owned digital properties and better ROI from A/B and MVT campaigns