Natural Language Generation

Reimagining insight generation through machines that transform structured data into natural language

Natural Language Generation (NLG) is the AI technology that serves to generate natural language (text) from structured data without human intervention. Examples include creating reports from dashboards, extracting summaries from multiple documents, generating short blurbs of text from a large corpus, transforming short ideas or concepts into large articles, and others.

Course5 Intelligence specializes in leveraging this advanced technology for creating ‘data-to-text’ and ‘text-to-text’ solutions through our global team of Natural Language experts and AI researchers.

Our Key Differentiation

Generation of contextual narratives from raw data, such as dashboards and reports, that automate the process of creating actionable insights

Our advanced algorithms mine and consolidate contents from multiple sources into meaningful summaries, all in real-time, thus greatly enhancing traditional intelligence generation


Course5 NLG Engine

Our customizable, scalable and context-driven Natural Language Generation engine creates high quality content from complex data sources, such as charts and dashboards.

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