Integrating a wide range of data sources with statistical analysis to reveal optimal action

Double the velocity of insights. Drive 3X improvement in insight quality and depth.


Business Challenges


Businesses have data. What they need are insights.

Where market intelligence studies focus on data and statistics, businesses need to know what the data is telling them. They need insights.

Data sources are complex.
And growing.

Meta data analysis across data sources that are growing in size and complexity is a herculean task. The fact that the data exists in organizational silos only adds to the complexity.

There’s a need for speed and impactful storytelling.

Leaders don’t have time to argue about what the data means. The competitive landscape moves too fast. Businesses need impactful visualization and storytelling to clearly indicate the path forward.


Integration of data diverse sources provides deep understanding of the customer, the competition, and the market. High-quality data analysis and storytelling, and thereby better decision making, help drive growth for our customers.

Advanced data sciences to help generate deeper insights. Course5 leverages techniques such as SEM and Bayesian Network Modelling to develop new and enhanced insights

Powerful data visualization frameworks enable easy consumption of insights. Visually accessible delivery mechanisms such as infographics and videos make the story come alive.

Enabled a top 5 global CPG company to develop and provide deep consumer insights on Saudi Arabia market with a deep focus on culture and consumer behavior.

Meta-analysis of female consumers for a top 5 global technology company provided the client with clear insights on how to position their higher-end computing devices

Helped a top 5 global homecare products company reposition one of their key product lines. Synthesized multiple research studies and innovative product trends to define the path forward.

Business Impact

Better and quicker decision-making through deeper insights from our 360-degree approach on leveraging multiple data sources

Faster time-to-market by a new approach to concept testing that leverages past concept tests through AI-driven automation of meta-analysis

Enabling clients to be future-ready by sizing and forecasting niche future opportunities through multi-dimensional approaches

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