Smarter Insights from Larger
Data Sets

Businesses today have access to vast amounts of data from diverse sources. In addition to data from primary market research and syndicated market intelligence, organizations can tap behavioral, transactional, digital, and social data, creating a problem of “too much data”. The looming challenge for business is—how do you derive real-time, validated insights from market research data and integrate it with other data and information sources?

Course5 Intelligence helps businesses leverage their data assets and navigate their survey analytics strategy in an increasingly data-flooded world. With sophisticated analytics procedures and a wide variety of

statistical methods and models, we help organizations continuously and consistently scrub data and extract valuable insights by analyzing survey results.

Course5’s eclectic team of statisticians, analysts, and data scientists are specialized in applying advanced data engineering and big data analytics capabilities to drive business transformation. Using highly collaborative and consultative approach to analytics, we help clients solve complex business problems with swift, precise analytics-driven insights.

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Customer Engagement Models

Multiple and Logistic Regression

Factor Analysis

Cluster Analysis and Market Segmentation

Conjoint Analysis

Discriminant Function Analysis

Multidimensional Scaling


Extensive Experience in Primary Market Research Studies

Segmentation studies, concept testing, advertising-related studies, pricing studies, continuous tracks on customer satisfaction studies

primary market research
survey data analysis

Complex Survey Analytics Models


  • Consolidated approach to data management
  • Smarter decision-making with integrated insights
  • Faster turnaround from market research studies
  • Higher ROI on Analytics initiatives and investments