Pharma organizations typically have access to massive amounts of data about healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients, internal business process data, and published industry research. Yet, decision-makers have limited time to make decisions leveraging this data. The gap gets amplified with newer data continuously emerging from the digital footprint of physicians and patients, impacting an organization’s ability to differentiate and win.

Course5’s deep understanding of disease/therapy areas, combined with cross-industry expertise in leveraging data at high speeds using advanced analytics and AI technologies, enables us to develop and institutionalize cutting-edge data and insights solutions.

We help our clients make bold data-driven decisions with high business impact.

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Purpose-driven Solutions for Every Need

Data Architecture and Modeling

Organizations often have multiple data platforms acquired over the years and new data is continuously being added. We ensure your analytics and insights solutions are architecturally robust and effectively meet the need for high-speed business decision-making.

Data Lake/Data Warehouse

We help organizations build and enhance data lakes with a consumption-focused approach. This enables you to drive a fit-for-purpose approach in scaling your data capabilities.

Data Ingestion & Integration

Newer data about physicians and patients is continuously added to the existing data repository. If this data is not leveraged on time, it loses its relevance. We help organizations harness up-to-date data efficiently, reducing the time from data to insight.

Data Steward Support

Data preparation and management, with associated business rules, are anchored in the context in which data is analyzed and used. Course5’s data steward support teams help organizations automate data quality for every use in adherence with business rules, while providing the necessary advisory support to drive effective data consumption.

Business Intelligence

Course5 helps organizations gain higher return on investments from their reporting/dashboard ecosystem. Our outcomes-based thinking and expertise in leveraging prominent business intelligence (BI) tools enable us to finetune and enhance reporting/dashboard solutions to facilitate easier insights consumption.

Course5 Advantage

  • Deep and nuanced understanding of disease/therapy areas
  • Connected Insights from enterprise and external data (traditional and new data sets)
  • Robust solution frameworks and AI-based accelerators, backed by continuous innovation in Course5’s AI Labs, enabling rapid deployment of high-impact insights solutions
  • Cross-industry learnings applied to enhance quality of insights and impact
  • Interdisciplinary team across Analytics, Life Sciences, Applied AI, and Digital Technology that ensures meaningful and effective solutions

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