The evolution of diverse data sets has significantly increased pharmaceutical companies’ ability to comprehensively answer recurring questions and explore unchartered problem areas. To leverage this potential for business advantage, organizations must combine nuanced understanding of disease areas, treatments, patients, and health care professionals (HCPs) with cutting-edge analytics capability in their problem-solving approaches.

Course5 Intelligence combines an in-depth understanding of disease and therapy areas with advanced digital and AI-powered analytics capabilities, delivering comprehensive solution designs for unique problems. Our analytical frameworks and AI-based accelerators, matured via our experience across industries, provide efficient problem-solving capabilities to meet evolving consumer needs.

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Marketing Analytics

HCPs and patients face a barrage of marketing messages via different channels. It is critical for brand marketers to understand – Which messages are resonating, which are not? How strong is my brand? Which campaigns are resonating? Which channels are effective? How do I allocate my finite resources to maximize return on investment? How do I allocate credit for conversion? Course5 helps you answer these questions decisively with data.

Patient Analytics

The patient is at the core of Pharma’s marketing efforts. With the availability of extensive patient data today, organizations can gain valuable insights into current treatment patterns, drug adoption barriers, drug adherence & compliance issues, physician information needs, and other parameters to enhance drug performance and marketing. We help you leverage real-world data and insights on an ongoing basis to impact payers and providers in helping your drugs reach patients.

Omnichannel Engagement

‘Right message, at the right time, via the right channel to the right customer’ is the guiding principle for Pharma companies to differentiate their engagement with physicians/patients and compete effectively. With the rapid growth of digital channels entwined with offline channels, Pharma companies must effectively connect all interactions to deliver extraordinary customer experience. Course5’s Customer Analytics solutions with AI-based accelerators provide meaningful Next Best Action (NBA) and personalization recommendations to drive customer engagement at speed and scale.

Analytics Workbench

Data democratization is on the rise with the growth of data and insight delivery mechanisms as well as greater appreciation for data-backed decision-making in business. Course5’s Analytics Workbench, driven by our Center of Excellence (COE) model, brings together data scientists, solution accelerators and governance to help scale Data, Analytics, and Visualization capabilities quickly, providing organizations with the capability to multiply value in various ways from their data.

Supply Chain Analytics

In an increasingly complex business environment with demanding consumers, the key to Supply Chain effectiveness lies in real-time, end-to-end visibility and connected insights enabled through digitization. Course5 helps organizations build resilient, agile supply chain systems with actionable insights powered by AI and machine learning technologies. We work collaboratively with organizations to identify their Supply Chain inefficiencies and resolve them through smarter demand forecasting, inventory optimization, waste reduction, and logistics optimization, in ways that drive positive bottom-line impact.

Course5 Advantage

  • Deep and nuanced understanding of disease/therapy areas
  • Connected Insights from enterprise and external data (traditional and new data sets)
  • Robust solution frameworks and AI-based accelerators, backed by continuous innovation in Course5’s AI Labs, enabling rapid deployment of high-impact insights solutions
  • Cross-industry learnings applied to enhance the quality of insights and impact
  • Interdisciplinary team across Analytics, Life Sciences, Applied AI, and Digital Technology that ensures meaningful and effective solutions

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