How can I acquire and retain “good” customers and weed out “bad” ones? How do I mitigate risk? How can I curb attrition and deepen my relationship with the customer? Newer and stricter compliance laws along with disruptive technologies such as block-chain and other Fintech offerings have added new business challenges. Customer expectations are

rapidly changing and digital channels have become critical. Customer attrition is an ongoing challenge along with the battle for market share and retention of high value relationships. Financial services businesses are scrutinizing operational strategies, re-evaluating business models, and investing in multiple system and process efficiencies. However, these initiatives remain fragmented across the organization,

yielding point returns but failing to create organizational level gains. Course5 Intelligence helps financial services businesses integrate their technology stack and improve ROI from disparate initiatives. We help our clients deliver consistent customer experiences across channels improving customer retention, profitability, and risk management for the organization.



  • Track and improve digital customer experience, analyze sales and marketing spend to drive ROI, drive value from digital assets

Insights & Analytics

  • Generate deeper customer understanding, democratize insights across the organization, drive down costs by leveraging technology and existing data assets

Sales & Marketing

  • Optimize marketing spend, retain and win new customers, manage risk portfolio