Esomar Congress 2019

Date : 08 Sep 2019 - 11 Sep 2019
Venue :

CONNECT with Course5 Intelligence

Watch the AI tide turn at ESOMAR as the dreams and projections of previous years give way to real-life case studies around application of AI to the business of insights. At ESOMAR this year, Global Head of Insights and Analytics at Intel, Sunita Venkataraman, will be joining the head of Research AI at Course5, Manish Mittal, to talk about how Intel uses Course5 Adomate, the AI-driven Ad Optimization platform, to leverage Intel’s past data to provide quick insights on new ad creatives.


Join the session on DISCOVERING NEW ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS WITH AI at 12:15 PM on September 9, 2019 to get a glimpse into:

  • the nature of creative insights being delivered by Course5 Adomate
  • the process and methodology used to auto-leverage past data to cull insights, and
  • how these insights can be used to launch an ad campaign that works!

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Manish Mittal
Senior Vice President - Research - AI

Manish has close to two decades of experience across market research and analytics. In the past decade, he has held several leadership positions with the responsibility of driving Read More...

Varun Vig
Principal EMEA

Varun is an accomplished business leader with over 12 years of experience and has extensive experience in sales, marketing and operations, mostly in the IT and Market Research indu Read More...