DAA Raleigh Symposium

Date : 04 Jun 2019
Venue :

CONNECT with Course5 Intelligence

Go beyond leveraging piecemeal capabilities in your web analytics technologies. Turn your digital datasets into an intelligence asset for the rest of your organization. Meet Marc Gallman from Course5 Intelligence at DAA Raleigh 2019 to find out how you can:

  • Improve the quality of insights through better upstream data governance
  • Create more value for downstream sales, marketing, and services organizations by leveraging the predictive power of digital data
  • Target consumers and measure results at the level of real people, across all channels and devices
  • Implement a true omnichannel approach instead of being limited to people-based advertising in digital channels alone

Course5’s People-based Marketing solution creates enriched customer experiences by bringing your digital and offline data together. See how it can transform the way your customers think about your brand.

Marc Gallman
Senior Growth Partner

Experienced analytics leader with a demonstrated history of working in the technology, security, and dental industries. Strong professional skilled in Data Strategies, AI Solutions Read More...