San Francisco

Date : 07 Nov 2019
Venue :
San Francisco

CONNECT with Course5 Intelligence

Join David McBride from Course5 Intelligence and conference moderator Paul Gillin from 1:25 PM to 1:45 PM in a discussion about how data, analytics, and AI are accelerating digital transformations for marketers. What does digital transformation mean today? What are the benefits of pursuing a digital transformation agenda? Where do you start? You’ll find these and other central questions addressed as David and Paul discuss use cases that inspire and serve as models for change. They will specifically explore ways AI is moving beyond the buzzword phase and into everyday reality.

We hope you can attend this session and be part of what is sure to be an insightful conversation.


David McBride
SVP- Analytics Products, Solutions and Consulting, Course5 Intelligence

David McBride is a 13-year veteran of the analytics industry, having held analytics leadership roles in media, retail, technology settings. David is passionate about helping compan Read More...

Kiran Nandavarapu
Senior Director - Insights

Kiran has over 12 years of experience in providing research, insights, and advisory services to clients in the technology space. He specializes in Competitive/Market Intelligence s Read More...

Gary Nearn
Vice President - Client Partner

Gary has close to two decades of experience conducting insights and analytics, both on the supplier side with Course5i and Kantar, as well as the client side with Washington Mutual Read More...