Advertising Week

Date : 23 Sep 2019 - 26 Sep 2019
Venue :
New York

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Advertising is turning smarter with AI. From driving deeper understanding of multichannel dynamics and the customer journey to better campaign measurement, AI-powered Analytics is transforming the way Advertising is designed, delivered, and assessed.

Course5’s Ad optimization platform, ADOMATE, now brings increased effectiveness to Ad campaigns through crucial frame-level insights for design and testing of Ad creatives. Adomate uses Analytics and AI to ‘deep mine’ and learn from past campaign data assets to optimize creatives in terms of branding elements, celebrity usage, lighting impact, and other aspects for future campaigns. The platform also helps customize creatives optimally for diverse user groups. Built on Course5’s Computer Audition/Vision Framework, the platform is open-source based, highly interoperable, and applies advanced research conducted in Course5’s AI Lab and by the global AI ecosystem.

Meet us at Advertising Week to find out how Adomate can help your marketing, advertising, and insights teams hugely rev up campaign impact and ROI.

Manish Mittal
Senior Vice President - Research - AI

Manish has close to two decades of experience across market research and analytics. In the past decade, he has held several leadership positions with the responsibility of driving Read More...

Anil Damodaran
Vice President - Research AI, Course5 Intelligence

Anil is an accomplished business leader and marketer with over 15 years of experience in the marketing analytics space. He currently manages Go-To-Market & Product Strategy for Cou Read More...

Megha Chaudhry
Global Head Of Marketing, Course5 Intelligence

Megha has over 14 years of marketing experience spanning across Information Technology, Digital Analytics, Cable and Telco, Financial Services and Market research with extensive ex Read More...