Brand Innovators Marketing Innovation

Date : 19 Nov 2019
Venue :

CONNECT with Course5 Intelligence

AI is becoming the leading differentiator in how brands attract, engage, and serve customers globally. Course5 Intelligence uses a spectrum of AI technologies like Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Digital Analytics to help marketing teams get better at everything they do—connect customers’ omnichannel journeys in real-time, deliver great offers and user experiences, drive rapid innovation, and increase revenues from the get-go.

Course5’s AI-based products and solutions are helping global marketing teams –

  • Go where the consumers are – Get real-time insights on consumer needs, sentiments, and behavior from their online activity such as web search [Search Analytics] and social expression on open digital spaces [Social Media Sensing]
  • Deliver delightful consumer experiences across channels – Offer the perfect next best action/offer at every step of the consumer journey; analyze precise causes of exit/cart abandonment to improve revenue and retention [Customer Experience Analytics]
  • Maximize return on investments – Increase ROI on your existing and new marketing investments with real-time integrated marketing measurement [Market Mix Optimization] and campaign optimization [Multi-touch Attribution]
  • Maintain continuous competitive edge – Compete smart at product level with real-time insights on 5P (product, price, promotion, place, people) competitor activity derived from live analysis of multiple websites and consumer forums [Compete – Digital Competitive Intelligence Platform]

Meet us at Brand Innovators Marketing Innovation to see how we help transform your Marketing setup to drive spectacular outcomes in the digital landscape.

Anees Merchant Executive Vice President – Analytics & AI

Anees has 20+ years of experience with a strong background in eCommerce, Manufacturing, Services, Software, Travel and Retail Verticals. Over the years he has been entrusted to conceptualize, build and grow operations for functions such as - Data Management, Analytics, Business Insights, CRM and Secondary Market Research. Read More...

Marc Gallman Senior Growth Partner

Experienced analytics leader with a demonstrated history of working in the technology, security, and dental industries. Strong professional skilled in Data Strategies, AI Solutions, Team Building, Management, Leadership, and Digital Marketing. Read More...

Medhavi Akhouri Growth Manager: Social & Digital Analytics

Medhavi Akhouri has 9 years of experience in business research, market research and social & Digital analytics, specialising in deriving consumer insights from structured and unstructured data by leveraging different analytics tools and translating insights into meaningful actions for the clients. Read More...