Building the Digitally Connected
Customer Experience

Customers today engage with business through a variety of digital and offline channels. The onus on business is to connect the customer data recorded at every touchpoint on any channel and deliver seamless relevant experiences at further interactions, curating great customer journeys over time.

Course5 Intelligence’s Digital Customer Experience (DCX) solution is a robust turnkey solution that leverages existing technology infrastructure and customer data available within the omnichannel network of a business to build dynamic, cohesive customer profiles.

Powered by a blend of proprietary IPs, frameworks, practices, and people enablement principles, the DCX solution enables businesses to create double value – improved customer loyalty and reduced operational costs through increased use of self-service digital channels and just-right, just-in-time content delivery.

Course5 helps businesses create sustainable brand value through a truly omnichannel customer experience approach.

digital customer experience-overview


Real-time profiling and segmentation of existing and prospective customers

360 degree view of the customer enabling better experience delivery across multiple channels

AI driven decision engine for enhanced customer experience

Advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms for mining unstructured data (from call center disposition, surveys, reviews, social conversations, web chats and other sources)

Actionable dashboards and scorecards to gauge the impact on operational costs and customer satisfaction measures


Digital Customer Experience (DCX) Framework


  • Lower operational costs
  • Self-service enablement of digital channels
  • Improved customer satisfaction measures such as CSAT, CES, NPS and CCR
  • Deeper, stronger relationships between the brand and consumers
  • Transformation of the brand into an omnichannel player