The AI Enterprise

AI first changed our personal lives. Search. Socializing. Shopping. Banking. Creativity. Want to know the temperature outside? Just ask Alexa. In all of these areas, the combination of AI with digital technologies empowered us and simplified our lives. AI is now changing the way we work. It is driving intelligent automation, ushering better, faster outcomes. Just as at home, AI at work is augmenting human capabilities. The Human-AI Enterprise is a partnership that is just beginning to form. How do we scale it across organizations in ways that benefit everyone?

Course5’s virtual event, Scaling the Human-AI Enterprise, will focus on helping you extend your abilities by harnessing the power of AI. The event will focus on applications of AI that are fast expanding our current capabilities in Marketing, Sales, Research, Customer Experience, Digital and eCommerce. Come be inspired by what AI enables today and what is coming tomorrow.



Digital Takes Center Stage



Industry Track


AI is a force-multiplier. It extends human cognition and responsiveness. Often, it makes the unthinkable achievable.

While piecemeal AI applications have already made their way into many organizations, AI leaders who commit to wide-scale transformation with tenacity and rigor will achieve exponential gains and find themselves on an accelerated growth trajectory. Tomorrow's successful companies recognize today that the real breakthroughs in AI learning and scale come from persisting through the difficult phases of the journey.

No matter your organization’s stage of AI maturity, this track will give powerful insights on how you can build a scalable, value-creating AI strategy and use your AI investments to step up to the future.

Domain Track

Applications like computer vision, chatbots and anomaly detection have successfully emerged from the peak of inflated expectations, as described in Gartner's Hype Cycle, and are improving experiences by saving time, anticipating needs, and reducing cognitive burdens. New AI applications are showing promise and we can expect the pace of innovation to continue to accelerate.

The effective application of AI technologies in specific use cases will be a major source of competitive advantage in the coming years. The use of AI across Marketing, Sales, Research, Customer Experience, Digital and eCommerce to reduce costs, provide better value, and drive innovation through saved resources and enhanced means is quickly becoming essential to survival. AI is no longer just nice to have.

Let’s look at how AI is fundamentally transforming the gears of business.


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