The Customer Journey Analytics Landscape

Customers want to be delighted. As an enterprise, you want to retain customers and drive growth through retention and increased Lifetime Value. Course5’s Customer Journey Analytics satisfies both sides of the equation—by helping you analyze data to understand how customers are interacting with your brand and to know where they are struggling. Act on that knowledge to increase engagement, retention, and advocacy.

How Course5’s Customer Journey Analytics Solution Helps

Solutions based on granular insight: Address precise points of struggle throughout the customer experience, from awareness to advocacy.

Mapping and planning for non-linear journeys: Stitch customer journeys together for a full picture as customers interact across devices and time, in stores and via digital channels, often concurrently.

Analysis based on data: And where data doesn’t exist, we’ll help you collect it with our Digital Analytics and Market Research capabilities.

Competitive benchmarking: Understand the purchase, delivery, and return experience your customers encounter when buying competitor products with omnichannel competitive insights across channels and geographies. Evaluate your customers’ experiences with those of competitor brands to uncover where you are strong and where you are falling short.

Matching customer priorities: Assess the extent to which customers prioritize convenience, instant gratification, and social status. Fit purchase, delivery, and advocacy experiences to these priorities.

New opportunities: Leverage ‘moments of truth’ idea boards to identify white spaces for meeting customer needs.

Important Metrics

Top-line impact

Revenue growth from customer-centric journey analysis

Expense management

Reduced churn that leads to lower marketing costs

Customer satisfaction

Material Net Promoter Score (NPS) improvements from improved customer experiences

Next Steps

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