Large amounts of research data exist within business organizations today. However, this data is often dispersed across different departments and data repositories, getting lost over time under layers of new data. When business or marketing teams require information, they only have access to a fraction of this valuable data store.

Course5 Link empowers organizations to make sense of research data and get answers to business questions. It is a multi-layered system that helps integrate, analyze, and report insights from multiple data sources including research data, syndicated data, social data and more, at high speeds. By automating your data workflows, Course5 Link enables business and marketing teams to quickly access powerful insights at any time and place. It creates one common accessible pool of research data for the entire organization.

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Course5 Link provides you with a powerful, intuitive platform for success.



  • Manage and integrate all your research data assets efficiently and in a consistent way. Integrate data across multiple studies and sources quickly and easily for deeper insights.


  • Build smart dashboards to share with your organization or customers. Studio allows you to explore the data in Course5 Link with easy drag-and-drop features. Create sophisticated deliverables for your business requirements with deep inbuilt analytics and business logic capabilities.


  • Integrate Course5 Link with other Business Intelligence (BI) tools and Information Systems. Course5 Link is an open platform that can be integrated with other systems as part of a cohesive BI strategy. Deploying and managing data feeds to third party business intelligence tools like Power BI, Tableau, Spotfire, and others is easy.


  • Adapt Course5 Link to your program or environment with custom services. Allow controlled access to information while democratizing the use of research data within your business using Course5 Link’s advanced summary and storytelling dashboards.

Voice Integration

  • Discover and consume data and analysis using natural language and supporting technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP), voice recognition, machine learning, and more through Course5 Link’s voice integration capabilities.

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How Course5 Link works

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  • Ability to consume and analyze large amounts of data with little or no prior experience in crunching research data – for both power users and dashboard users
  • Higher cost and time efficiencies for your team by leveraging technology to quickly load and integrate your data for consumption
  • Powerful reporting and analytics capabilities that enable you to quickly respond to business questions and deliver the right impact
  • Maximum flexibility through superfast tools and APIs
  • Research data consolidation through a robust, scalable technology suite in place of multiple disparate solutions
  • Modular, scalable foundation for managing research data as part of an overall information strategy