The digital transformation of business is driven by a cauldron of digital technologies, data initiatives, and analytics-driven insights. Global businesses across industries are investing in a slew of initiatives and infrastructure to leverage various data and digital proficiencies for improved business and marketing outcomes. Yet, most of these endeavors are fragmented and fail to bring large consolidated gains to business teams in their moment of need.

Course5 Information helps organizations optimize their entire spectrum of digital and analytics initiatives by bringing them together on a unified platform. This is a central knowledge and engagement platform for all customer data and customer analytics initiatives, dashboards, products, and programs. Single-point access to critical business measures, aspects, and reports on Course5 Information enables business users to get quick answers for all their business information needs. With an intuitive interface and linkage across departments, Course5 Information becomes a common business intelligence tool and platform for collaboration, communication, and knowledge-sharing for cross-functional teams.

At Course5, we help businesses :

Amplify returns on all their Analytics and Insights investments.

We channel diverse initiatives into a powerful shared mechanism for growth and innovation.


Convergence of all analytics initiatives within a single space

Provision for detailed synopsis of all solutions and products to engage new team members

Announcements and Industry News section to keep business users updated

Integration with ticketing system (JIRA) and other enterprise tools

Single sign-in configuration

Knowledge repository to host documents and multimedia


  • Greater awareness of the performance of Analytics initiatives
  • Increased usage of Data and Analytics systems across the organization
  • Smarter decision making due to easily accessible insights
  • Improved ROI from individual and combined Analytics initiatives
  • Sustained growth and innovation through a consolidated information and insights platform