Course5 Compete is a competitive business intelligence product that drives business strategy and deployment through near real-time visibility into market information and advanced analytics.

Having added 360-degree value through competitive intelligence to several Fortune 500 companies, the award-winning, SCIP-endorsed Course5 Compete is ready to further raise the bar. Course5 Compete brings omnichannel analytics to deliver unified intelligence across online and offline sources for brands and retailers.

It is a comprehensive solution that provides live market data to support product, pricing, placement, promotion, and people (5P) decisions. By consolidating data from multiple sources, Course5 Compete gives a true picture of 5P market dynamics across the competitive landscape with incisive insights useful across business functions.


Artificial Intelligence

Unleash the combined power of Reinforcement Artificial Intelligence Models with Course5 Compete. The AI-reinforced integrated engine offers recommendations on the basis of competitive moves enabling organizations to gain competitive advantage. Course5 Compete’s Cognitive Voice Integration feature further enhances prompt and hassle free navigation.

5P Synergy

Course5 Compete maps all modules to all 5Ps of marketing (Product, Place, Price, Promotion, and People) and doesn’t focus on any singular aspect that could result in fragmented insights. It harnesses the power of data from multiple sources and blends it to identify competitive strategies across marketing functions. With Course5 Compete you can craft strong strategic and tactical plans to build supremacies through 5P dynamics.

Auto-configured Bots

In the digital age, information is more easily and publicly available to businesses than ever before. The information pool is humongous and ever-growing, almost seeming too muddy to mine for relevant data. Course5 Compete helps organizations overcome this complexity and make the best use of data with the deployment of customizable auto-configured bots. These bots can process large datasets for complex variables across different data type and sources, often in minutes.

How we

competitive intelligence framework


For Brands

  • Seller Analytics:
    Compare and analyze your product assortment with that of your competitors to achieve maximum product and pricing effectiveness.
  • Cross Media Promotion Analytics:
    Explore the impact of promotions and spend estimates by brand across different media properties and discover open spaces.
  • MAP Monitoring & Compliance:
    Monitor prices across retailers and market places and discover violations.
  • Product Discovery:
    Gain insights into how your product is being discovered by customers and increase reach.
  • Social Influencer:
    Gain insights on influencers who support your brand and are making active recommendations
  • Product Perception:
    Leverage product reviews and ratings from retailer websites to understand your SWOT and improve product gaps.

For Retailers

  • Catalogue Analytics:
    Discover trends in product assortment across categories with relevant competitor tracking.
  • Promotion Insights:
    Improve promotion effectiveness with insights into promotion assortment and type by different retailers across brands.
  • Assortment Gaps:
    Discover opportunities to introduce new products and enhance portfolio.
  • Re-pricer:
    Re-price non-competitive SKUs based on your choice of business rules—minimum margins, stock situations, Competitive Price Index, revenue goals, dynamic pricing and more.
  • Visibility Analytics:
    Discover trends in promotion positions and advertised attributes among competitor retailers and gain insights into retailer product placement.
  • ROI optimizer:
    Discover optimal promotion types for maximum ROI using high-quality retail intelligence.