Marketing, sales, and product teams today face the challenge of managing continuous streams of data from multiple marketing and sales promotion campaigns running across many locations and channels. This is often done manually, which takes enormous time and effort and results in inaccurate marketing attribution.

Course5’s Classification provides an accurate, dependable approach to digital data management. The Engine equips managers to ensure precise attribution of marketing outcomes to each channel and campaign, and arrive at the true Marketing Return-on-Investment (ROI). Course5 Classification provides businesses with a single, unified dashboard for better decision-making on marketing and product investments. Campaign data management has never been easier.

A single, Unified Dashboard.

Campaign data management has never been easier.


Automated upload of all campaign metadata at Campaign ID level to enable campaign tracking across different channels and properties

Automated upload of classified information into Adobe Marketing Cloud or Google Analytics platforms

Compatibility with any platform level attribution model

Complete 360 degree view of campaign performance with accurate conversion and traffic metric reporting

Inbuilt data connectors and APIs that can connect campaign metadata to clients’ internal systems or any external database

Interoperability and compatibility with an organization’s existing IT investments


  • High accuracy in marketing attribution
  • Reduced manual effort
  • Enhanced speed, scalability, security, quality, and reliability in managing complex digital data sources