A simple and effective way for businesses to :

  • improve data accuracy
  • minimize data loss
  • greatly improve the productivity of their digital property.

With the explosion of digital content, attracting viewers and channeling them accurately within a digital property is a continuous challenge for business. Significant time and resources are often spent on getting the messaging, interface, and visual design right. However website tags—which are critical to the success of digital properties—are often cursorily implemented and infrequently updated. This results in lost opportunities, poor visibility on digital activity, and low Return-on-Investment (ROI) on digital marketing initiatives.

Course5 Audit provides a simple and effective way for businesses to improve data accuracy, minimize data loss, and greatly improve productivity of their digital property.

Course5 Audit helps businesses overcome these issues with intelligent automation. Course5 Audit is a Tag Quality Audit (QA) platform that automates and performs on-demand audits, highlights inconsistencies in tag deployment, and helps minimize data loss, thereby enabling you to maximize your digital ROI. From tracking tag accuracy and tag lineage to identifying missing tags, Course5 Audit monitors errors and discrepancies in real time and provides analytics-driven resolution support via interactive dashboards.

Course5 AUDIT


  • Broken link’ and ‘load time’ testing
  • Validation of missing or incorrect tags upon release
  • User-friendly interface and administrator console
  • 1,000 URLs can be tested for bugs in about 30-35 minutes
  • Inbuilt validation logic, based on implementation documents (SDR etc.) and business rules
  • Scheduled audits for improved productivity and automation

Advanced Automation

  • Auto-configuration of relevant business variables and parameters to enable the Tag QA process
  • Option to configure multiple check-out options / buy flows for the Tag QA process
  • Process flow to capture custom marketing codes via multiple platforms [Adobe Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager (AAM), Google Analytics 360 Suite, DoubleClick] and agencies for the Tag QA process


tag management-framework



  • Legacy output available in the dashboards.
  • Download the data in csv/excel format.
  • Filter by month/year


  • Compare current output data with legacy output to fine tune the performance.
  • Download report of the comparison to analyse in detail.


  • Analyze which events/evar/props give most issues.
  • Check which URL’s features most in the error list.



  • Enable/Disable scheduler anytime
  • No set defined time span
  • Configurable email id option to notify all stakeholders


  • One time – Schedule your Tag QA process to run on a specific scheduled date/time
  • Recurring – Schedule the process to run automatically every time on specified interval


  • Get consolidated reports in dashboard to be viewed anytime
  • Get notification emailers every time the scheduled Tag QA process is run


  • Higher ROI from digital marketing initiatives
  • Reduced data loss and improved data productivity
  • Precise business outcomes througha highly configurable, customizable solution
  • Sustained business growth due to a proactive, automated tag audit process