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Unleashing the Power of Mobile Gaming With Gamepads

In our last blog[1], we analysed the prospects of the micro-console Ouya. Previously, we had also examined[2] the stiff competition posed by smartphones and tablets towards handheld gaming consoles.

It is interesting to see how certain companies are creating a whole new world of possibilities for gaming on mobile devices, by providing hardware that is better-equipped for gaming, including innovative and more complex types of games that we’ve never seen perform (at least not as well as expected) on devices like smartphones or tablets.

Adding to these innovative trends is Samsung. The brand announced on 14th March 2013, that for Galaxy S4, it will introduce a plethora of accessories, of which one of the most exciting is the game pad controller. With the release of this device, it is apparent that, Samsung is making a clear attempt to bridge the gap between mobile gaming and handhelds. The accessory is lighter than other portable consoles, docks the S4 and connects to the device via Bluetooth. While docked, gamers can use twin analogue joysticks as well as a D-pad and four action buttons while gaming. It also includes shoulder buttons and supports various screen sizes, ranging from four-5 inches for the Galaxy S4, and even up to 6.3 inches.

Widespread proliferation of smartphones has led to the rise of mobile gaming on devices that aren’t dedicated handhelds. Mobile gaming has a strong grip over the market for casual gamers, and is only set to grow. The hardware is also beginning to evolve and increasingly tailored to suit gaming. The question is, will it be enough to eliminate the need for dedicated gaming handhelds all together?

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