Course5 Compass: Digital Takes Center Stage – Part 1
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Course5 Compass: Digital Takes Center Stage – Part 1

Thoughts on our First Virtual Conference

Adoption of digital channels, analytics and applied AI techniques to connect with customers has grown at a rapid pace over the last two plus decades. But for many businesses, legacy interactions via physical stores and broadcast media have remained the overwhelming portion of their sales. Yes, digital influences purchases made in stores. And who hasn’t watched a show on TV while commenting about it online with their mobile device? But for many customers and viewers, digital has played only a supporting role.

The COVID-19 pandemic has these legacy interactions shifting toward digital only. Will this shift be a momentary blip or will there be lasting change to customer behavior?

Course5 is hosting a group of speakers on Thursday, May 14th in our first virtual event. We want to explore recent innovations in digital analytics and applied AI in order to understand the influence the current moment will have on customer behavior and organizations. We also highly value opportunities to connect with people and have recently been missing the chance to do so in person. So we figured a virtual event would be a great way to get people together to talk about analytics, insights, customer behavior, applied AI and organization structures.

We asked a group of highly regarded speakers to share their thoughts on the current moment.

  • How will the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing impact customer behavior?
  • How are companies seeking to understand their customers today and how are analysts, marketers and executives planning to interact with their customers as the crisis evolves and eventually concludes?
  • What role do data culture, data literacy and data storytelling play in moving decision-makers to take action?
  • What applications of Applied AI would enable them to weather the current scenario?

These are a few of the questions our presenters will address at Course5 Compass: Digital Takes Center Stage. We hope you can be there.

In the weeks leading up to the conference, my Course5 colleagues and I will be interviewing several of our speakers to hear more about what they intend to share. Tune into this space to learn more about why you will want to attend this exciting virtual event on May 14th.

David McBride
David McBride
David McBride is a 13-year veteran of the analytics industry, having held analytics leadership roles in media, retail, technology settings. David is passionate about helping...
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