In today’s dynamic business world it has become essential to use techniques to schedule appropriate timing for social media engagement to maximise your content exposure and garner responses.

Kissmetrics revealed some valuable information for community managers to understand the science of social media timing. Nearly 50% of the US population is in the Eastern Time Zone. The best day to share on Facebook is Saturday as most Facebook sharing is done on Saturdays. Also, the best time to share on Facebook is noon as the shares tend to spike around noon and a little after 7pm. You can increase the possibility of your content to be both found and shared by using the statistics related to Twitter too. The best time to Tweet is believed to be 5 pm. It is advised that you Tweet in the afternoon. It has been found that 6% of retweets occur around 5pm. The best Tweeting frequency is believed to be 1-4 tweets per hour.

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Timing is Everything

Creating a social following requires a great strategy, consistency and patience to deal with the feedback. Executing a social media strategy is likely to rattle even experienced marketers because this evolving medium presents various challenges. Find out your best ‘Time’ & share with us!

At blueocean, we use the science of social media to formulate successful strategies to engage your audience at the right time, at the right place, through the right channels.

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