The Future for Deskless Workers and IoT
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The Future for Deskless Workers and IoT

By Navin Nayanar & Girish S Raichur

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a fast-emerging ecosystem of IP-connected devices with the potential to deliver significant business benefits valued in the trillions of dollars over the coming decade. IoT is driven by a combination of forces, including the exponential growth of smart devices, a confluence of low-cost technologies (sensors, wireless networks, big data and computing power), pervasive connectivity and massive volumes of data.

Most of the attention around IoT so far has been around its benefits for consumers – smart homes, smart cars and smart watches. However, there has also been many discussions about the potential of IoT in business applications across industry verticals such as retail, healthcare, manufacturing, supply chain, etc.

We believe the benefits of IoT will be felt far more by those working on shop floors and in the field, unbound by computer terminals, than by “information workers.”

The nature of “deskless” work often involves:

  • Working different shifts compared to a standard five day, daytime work week
  • Spending most of the day on the move within the facility
  • Using shared desktop workstations to review schedules, access information, or handle email
  • Attending meetings and trainings in person with peers
  • Receiving emergency communications over personal phones after-hours

A majority of productivity solutions to date have been designed keeping in mind largely the needs of information workers. However, businesses are now striving to get the highest level of productivity from associates who are not tied to workstations. With deskless workers being challenged to become more knowledgeable and efficient, they need advanced solutions that can better serve their needs. Many organizations such as Tesco have already taken the leap in empowering their workers with these new technologies and have seen great benefits in doing so.

Check out Blueocean Market Intelligence’s latest white paper that explores the IoT opportunities surrounding deskless workers.

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