The 2015 Market Research Event in Orlando was as hot as ever this year with hundreds of insights professionals gathering to expand their networks and enhance their skillsets with new connections.

Blueocean Market Intelligence was honored to be one of this year’s featured keynote speakers and shared the stage with Microsoft for a compelling presentation on “Generating Insights in a Hyperconnected and Data-Driven World.”

We were also excited to welcome many attendees to our booth and show them how to take charge of their data – including how to really own your data, provide a consolidated view of what’s happening across your different information channels and give stakeholders near real-time insights.

After three days of intense conversations with client researchers from around the world, some common themes emerged and we believe they will continue to take center stage in 2016:

  • Start Your SynthesisResearchers are looking for   platform solutions to integrate their data assets and/or help them synthesize their data for a more well-rounded picture of their customers and markets
    • Research needs to be synonymous with synthesis, not surveys. #TMRE15 via Pamela McClain @Pam_McClain
    • The word that should be synonymous with #mrx is “synthesis” not “surveys” #tmre15 via Aaron Reid @aaronashleyreid
    • Tools and data must integrate! Feedback from @maggiebtaylor and Jennifer Dodson @cricketwireless#TMRE15#newmr via Jamey Heinze @jameyheinze
    • What can we do to improve #advertising receptivity? Integrate your brand into the TV show @DuaneVaran#TMRE15#MRX via The MRX Event @TMRE
  • Do You See What I See – Data visualization continues to be a pain point for many and plays a key role in data interpretation
    • Really liked this old school/non digital visualization display idea at #TMRE15 #mrx via Tom H C Anderson @TomHCAnderson
    • Search behavior data to unlock trends, identify opportunities + qual perception lead to richer understanding #tmre15 via Rita Dudziak @ritadudziak
    • “Need more synergistic analysis” in mining value of big data. We are at a crossroads”- #KumarMehta#TMRE15#TMRE via Germaine Reyes @GermaineReyes
    • Use #social data to better understand and meet the sometimes counterintuitive needs of consumers @IBM@Twitter#TMRE15#MRX via The MRX Event @TMRE
  • Honey, I Shrunk the Budget – Research budgets are decreasing and companies cannot afford to run yet another survey, or employ a long and cumbersome data collection technique – they need more efficient means to manage their data
    • Vertical, data collection focused relationships give way to retainer-based relationships @bleuoceanMI #TMRE15 via The MRX Event @TMRE
    • RT SentientInsight: Barry Blyn of espn: “Research is not a cost center. It’s a profit center with a time lag.” #MRX #TMRE #TMRE15 cc TMRE via MRX Robot @MRX_Robot
    • A broad customer base leads to shopping based on price. Targeted customer base means interest in more than cost – that’s ideal. #TMRE15 via Lindsey Colella @lindseycolella
  • No Data Left Behind – There are innumerable data sources that already exist either inside the organization, or in the public domain, that companies must absolutely tap into in order to make smarter business decisions
    • Love the phrase “battle against data obesity” @HallandPartners #TMRE15 #MRX via Roddy Knowles @RoddyKnowles
    • MR can use data science to tease insights! @beglen #TMRE15 via Rita Dudziak @ritadudziak
  • Data Fitness – The speed and agility with which data is made available to stakeholders for decision-making within an organization is more crucial than ever if researchers want to become trusted advisors
    • “We eat with our eyes, relative to what’s around us.” @danariely on how decision making is relative #tmre15 via Aaron Reid @aaronashleyreid
    • Decision making requires focus as well as knowledge. – @danariely #TMRE15 @TMRE via Sentient Decision science @SentientInsight

What challenges do you foresee for Researchers in 2016?

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