The digital gaming market is well and truly getting disrupted. As mentioned in our earlier blog “Disruption in the Gaming Industry – The Challenge of Smartphones and Tablets to Handheld Gaming Consoles” consumers are looking for alternatives to meet their gaming needs. This need is being translated in the gaming console market as well where new “open” cloud based gaming platforms has emerged as potential disrupters. Leading this pack is Ouya, a Tegra 3 powered, Android based open platform TV game console slated to be released on 4 June 2013. A first in its segment, Ouya welcomes hundreds of free-to-play mobile titles, is open and customizable and is priced at only $99. This paper explores the journey of the Micro console so far and tries to understand the future success of the product.

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By Satpal Daryanani/ Ishma Siddiqi

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