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Recap: Research & Results 2016 Munich

Last Week, I had the pleasure of attending the global Research & Results 2016 conference in Munich. The atmosphere was electric and the air was thick with passion – passion for Research & Results 2016 and the evolving Market Research specialisms.

The conference focused the attention of the global market research industry and decision makers from all fields gathered in Munich under the motto “Connecting market intelligence”. More than 3.300 participants took advantage of this opportunity to learn about innovations, find inspiration and discover new potentials for their business and also some hot market research related topics were discussed which includes:

  • How traditional market research agencies are exploring partnerships with other similar agencies, to create an even greater value-add proposition for their end customers.
  • Business Intelligence (BI) tools, dashboards and fashions to represent statistical information, in an effort to draw new and exciting insights

The conference brought together nearly 200 exhibitors from different countries to showcase their product and services. The exciting part was to see the diversity of methods/props firms use to attract traffic to their stands, from the free coffee, free pens, through to a drone wining prize draws and so on.

It was a great experience for me to be a part of this conference which witnessed incredible peer-to-peer knowledge exchange from community and industry experts as well as visionaries.

Research & Results 2016 was a great success for Blueocean Market Intelligence and gave us the opportunity to showcase our data integration platform “LiNK” which provides an effective foundation for extracting new insights across all research operations and this has generated great interest for the visitors.

Research and Results 2016

From left to right: Joseph Sursock, Konstantin Morjan and Mike Page.

There was a huge interest in our flagship platform “LiNK”. Our team was busy providing demos and answering questions. A typical scenario presented by visitors would include “we have these sources of data, some internal and some external, and we want a seamless bridge to a standard BI tool and some overlay analytics to drive insights for the client – research depts.”. This scenario has been articulated by both Marketing Research Agencies as well as European Corporates. In other words, both experiencing the same challenge and hurdles on route to insights that is being requested by their front line managers.

It is clear that with the growing proliferation of data sources and data formats, a big attraction for corporates (such as German utility companies, global media companies, large European car manufacturers, and so on) is to amalgamate several types of research data into one study or analysis and with our unique LiNK BI module companies can now distribute insights throughout their organization using existing BI tools.

In a nutshell attending Research & Results 2016 Munich was an incredible experience and a very wise decision and I would highly recommend everyone to attend the future trade show! We surely hope to be a regular at the Research & Results from here on!

Meanwhile, you can reach our market intelligence team at info@blueoceanmi.com to achieve success for your business!

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