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Optimizing Customer Experience through Unstructured Data Using Knowledge Management and Aspect Extraction Solutions

Customer conversations and discussions in unstructured data sources are rich sources of insights. However, it continues to be a challenge to successfully extract specific information due to the amount of topics, wide variety of languages, and the context in which comments and reviews are being posted.

Brands and services today are being increasingly judged by the overall experience rather than by the individual benefits. So how do you stay relevant, and understand how customers wish to engage with your brand?

In order to stay relevant in these uncertain times, it has become very important to stay aware of trends and the latest happenings. With the explosion of available information, it can be difficult to keep track of everything being spoken about your business.

Article extraction and summarization solutions help you mine important information from the web so you can stay informed. Summarization algorithms enable users to summarize the entire article into a specific number of lines. This can be useful for product and research teams in identifying what is happening in and around their industry, what could be the next best technology, and the progression of their business.

Today, when many digital teams and research scientists are struggling to get hold of all relevant information, summarization algorithms help organizations stay ahead of the knowledge curve and manage data successfully.

Additionally, aspect extraction allows the extraction of interesting and non-trivial patterns or knowledge from unstructured text documents. It is now possible to break down a single review or conversation to different components, and assign a sentiment value to each of these aspects, helping marketers understand which part of the business (particularly which entity) is causing the customer experience to be perceived in a negative light.

By studying such trends over a period of time, brands can determine the underlying conditions that give way to the problem/phenomenon. In the event of a drop in business, aspect extraction can help business managers understand the drivers of positive and negative sentiments.

Aspect extraction and knowledge management solutions can provide meaningful insights that let businesses identify the specific part that needs attention, rather than trying to remedy the whole business or strategies.   Download full report from here.

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