Blueocean Market Intelligence’s dynamic duo Sushant Ajmani, VP-Consulting, and Joseph Sursock, SVP-Sales, Europe, will be speaking at Unleashing Digital Customer Experience at Amsterdam on 18th May

Behind the scenes inside most organizations, Digital Customer Experience is like a giant amorphous entity with incongruous parts and appendages, somehow plodding on through an avalanche of diverse data, new technologies, and changing customer preferences.

When we go to Amsterdam next month, we will be talking to business leaders on how they can rally multiple miscellaneous parts of their cross-channel assemblage and turn it into a sharp, cohesive, fully connected engine for digital customer experience.

We’ll be presenting the basic tenets of our futuristic Digital Customer Experience (DCX) in a session on how to ‘Maximise Operational ROI with Digital Customer Experience’ at 11.35 AM on Day 2, 18th May 2018.

Blueocean principals Sushant Ajmani and Joseph Sursock will talk about how businesses can better leverage their existing investments and campaigns for growth and differentiation.

The Blueocean team will also be hosting one-on-one meetings with a few business leaders to discuss how Blueocean can help them enhance customer success in a hyper-digital future.

Some questions that will be answered during the session:

  • What kind of DCX can you achieve with what you have today?
  • What are the big firms in Technology, Retail, Telco and others industries doing today to address these challenges?
  • How does an analytics-grown third-party partnership help minimize large costly programmes?
  • Where is DCX headed in terms of allowing for changing client expectations?

Be there if you can. We’d love to understand your perspectives on the Digital Customer Experience journey and share the thrill of a good solution!


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