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LiNK Version 3 Announcement Coming Soon

Something big is brewing at Blueocean Market Intelligence.

The company is expected to make an announcement this month around LiNK, our sophisticated data management software for enterprises.

If you remember, in early 2014, we finalized an acquisition agreement with Cognicient, a leading market research technology provider specializing in data integration. The acquisition coincided with a significant industry shift that represented a growing gap in the management of structured and unstructured data, and the ability for enterprises to analyze and extract useful insights that lead to informed decision-making and better business performance.

Since then, the company has made enhancements and modifications based on our experiences working with a number of clients over the last year. The new LiNK system takes capabilities for survey warehousing and reporting once considered very specialized and makes them available to all. It includes a variety of new features that center around enhancing reporting and cloud infrastructure all designed to support large, global companies with multiple brands, products and a presence in various geographies.

As many know, Big Data will continue to be a major force in 2015 and the challenges for researchers this year (and beyond) will be around integration and revealing insights easily for a single, accessible 360 view. Making market research data part of your Big Data.

Stay tuned and follow us online for updates on what is to come.

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