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How to leverage hiring data for competitive insights

The current business environment is ‘fast-paced’ and ‘highly competitive’. A flourishing market leader today, may not remain one in the market tomorrow. In order to stay ‘relevant,’ ‘differentiated’ and ‘ahead’ of the disruptive race, every player need to be proactively intelligent in maintaining a watch of the 4Ws (what, why, when, where) and 1H (how) of its business competitors. Even a small hint about the competitors’ movements could trigger timely insights and help in taking key strategic decisions.

There may be innumerable references or sources available, to identify, locate, and synthesize insights into the activities of a competitor. However, have you ever thought of deriving competitive insights from a company’s ‘hiring data’? Yes, at times, rather than ‘thinking big,’ ‘thinking simple’ may reveal in-depth insights. Moreover, the quality of any insight becomes doubled and validated, when it is supplemented by appropriate factual data. At the outset, this hiring/recruitment data may appear to be just a dump of job vacancies posted by the companies and is likely to be overlooked. However, it can provide plenty of actionable value.

Most of the successful giants are not very outspoken about how they operate their businesses, their strategies or their future moves.  Drilling into a company’s hiring data will help read between the lines, and can provide several stimulating insights.  Any particular recruitment position would comprise various parameters or have different dimensions such as role, department, region, technology, etc., which can be segregated and analyzed.  It could disclose competitor moves, priorities, focus, investments and more. In addition, observing a firm’s hiring pattern could also unveil a potential pool of intelligence, regarding their way of operation of business.

Through the hiring data, one can assess a competitor’s general health, the areas of business they are investing resources in, and the sort of talent they’re recruiting.  Analysis from a country or region perspective will also help gain an understanding of the focus areas of the company’s hiring budget. A closer look at the partner based roles denotes the firm’s focus on particular categories of partners, whether they are launching any new initiatives or exploring any training positions for them. When the business development hiring numbers are large in any particular geography, it clearly reveals the company’s intention to grow its business in that region or its intention to open a new office.

This analysis is applicable and highly relevant to all industries which are transitioning in an ultra-fast and dynamic pace and where there are frequent activities that are disrupting the course of direction of the industry/ market. E.g. Technology, Transportation and Logistics, Retail, Manufacturing, etc. Industries that are reshaping slowly will have benefits when the hiring data is compared over a longer period. E.g. Oil and Gas.

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