Identify & Convert Leads to fully-qualified Sales Opportunities through Social Media [Case Study]
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Identify & Convert Leads to fully-qualified Sales Opportunities through Social Media [Case Study]

Client : A telecom services provider

Assessed and Strategized by Blueocean Market Intelligence – Social Media

The Opportunity

Social channels are an important source for customer reviews – positive or negative. For a brand, its positive reviews are easy marketing opportunities and negative reviews become product improvement/customer service tickets. Similar reviews of its competitors can reveal interesting opportunities for the brand. More importantly, negative reviews of its competition can be converted into fully-qualified sales leads.

With the competition in the Indian telecom industry growing in intensity, our client was looking at new ways to capture markets and generate leads using social media.

The Approach

Our Social Intelligence Solution combines best in class listening, text-mining tools and human analysts to capture customers’ voice and deliver actionable insights. These insights provide important information to enable brands make informed decisions.

To begin with, we listened to conversations around the client brand and its competitors to gauge the actual volumes and types of opportunities we could extract from them.

As of June 31, 2012, there were about 246,000 relevant conversations around competing brands, out of which, 62,000 were negative. A detailed analysis of these conversations revealed that users of competing brands were primarily dissatisfied with customer support, network and pricing plans. Our solution would use this data to engage with these customers and transition them into the brand’s customers. The insights also provided important data for the brand to improve and sharpen their existing marketing

The Solution

Our solution harnesses the power of social intelligence to listen to conversations on a pre-defined set of competitors, analyse and extract negative sentiments that would then be nurtured progressively through a lead conversion process to closure. 

The solution also helps in categorization of leads to prioritize and build engagement to maximize sales effectiveness. The categorization would also help the brand formulate intelligent marketing strategies to enhance customer relationships, build stronger brands and attract new customers.

The Result

  • Based on our analysis, the solution can identify 2000 qualified sales leads and scale based on efficiencies
  • Proactively transform negative sentiments into positive customer experiences, before they amplify
  • Amplify good customer experiences and identify/cultivate advocates for your brand
  • Build intelligent messaging platforms to drive conversations and build relationships
  • Identify the right touch points to reach out to consumers
  • Identify media consumption patterns to determine the effective media mix
  • Understand a customer’s unique behavioural pattern and anticipate their actions

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Arun V Sarma
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