I Feel the Need…The Need for Scale and Trust in Data? Simplifying Campaign Management
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I Feel the Need…The Need for Scale and Trust in Data? Simplifying Campaign Management

“Let’s face it: the number of communication channels—and the volume of data they produce—will only increase.  In order to effectively leverage big data to engage today’s empowered digital customers, marketers must in turn be empowered with the right tools, including analytics capabilities that don’t require a PhD to use.  Like campaign targeting, creation, and execution before it, analytics must be simplified and put in the hands of marketers.  The end result will be greater efficiency and effectiveness.” (Adobe Team, 2013)

The marketing landscape has been forever changed and campaign marketing has gone through a series of transitions thanks to channel and device diversity, an explosion of data and a new thirst for personalization. While campaign creation and execution are still important stages, some of the biggest challenges for marketers today are related to measurement and analytics.

The reality is that for marketers running thousands of campaigns a week with different focuses, from products to promotions, manual classification can be a difficult road to travel (actually quite bumpy). It involves long hours, mindless spreadsheet work, a chance for human error, and general lack of wholeness with retrospect to the customer journey.

Today, automating the digital data classification process can simplify even the most complex campaign management. It can reduce team bandwidth (as much as 80% with Synergist), justify the large amount of investment in paid media/paid search and share accurate insights based on the entire customer journey from first to last touch. With the help of automated platforms, marketers can achieve a centralized, single source of truth. Bonus: with all your new spare time, you could even get your PhD.

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