If you think the ‘Digital’ world is moving faster than you are, don’t worry you are not the only one! On one side we see how Facebook and twitter are adding millions of users at a scorching pace, how Youtube is transforming media & entertainment by streaming audio and video real-time and how youngsters are spending hours glued to their iPads/smartphones and so on.

But, when we come back to the brick-and-mortar world, everything seems to be the same! Most schools seem to teach the same way, most organizations still produce the same way, market the same way and we still need to call the call centres if we need help with product/service issues!
The 18-24 year olds seem to be on one side of the story and people above 40 seem to be on the other! But if you pay close attention, some individuals/companies are slowly but steadily changing the game.

Social Networks are transforming the way business is done now, the same way Rail Networks impacted industrialization in the early 19th century. It not only became the dominant form of land transportation; it also catalyzed mass-production/distribution of food, clothing, raw material and finished goods. This led to the formation of modern cities, manufacturing & distribution systems and transformed the way we have lived since then.

It is a truly rewarding opportunity for organizations to proactively listen to customer conversations on the Social Ecosystem and rewire their business processes not only to drive proactive customer engagement; but also to co-create solutions for their customers even before they articulate it – thereby pre-empting competition! Yet, only a few companies have an organized strategy to leverage this transformation led by Social Networks to their advantage.

If the potential is so high, why are businesses taking so long to embrace social media effectively? Is it because there’s too much happening and too fast! Is it driven by the explosion of social media channels, smart phones, and handheld devices? Or is it changing customer behavior driven by these technologies or a radical shift in global demographics?

But there are so many tools for listening, for analytics, for customer relationship management and everythinglese needed to get this opportunity to bear fruit it is supposed to bear! Are organizations stuck with the ‘who owns social media’ question? Or they don’t really have the skills and resources to tie-up the social strategy with the business goals and execute effectively for desired business results?

Can this then be delivered by an external organization with a clear solution for listening to millions of conversations around a brand, identify issues and opportunities for customer service, sales & marketing, procurement, hiring, market and competitive intelligence and any other that has potential to deliver value either to the brand or to the stakeholders?

The goal of this blog is to get together stakeholders, who believe in the value social media can deliver and are facing one/many of the challenges listed above, who can share their individual views and experiences and make this journey worthwhile for everyone else!