Engaging Social Media taking over age-old bottlenecks
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Engaging Social Media taking over age-old bottlenecks

With the world getting “social” & organizations taking every step to catch presence on social media, we still see organizations working in silos due to their age old structure. Today, teams within an organization can no longer work towards their little part of the big picture. In an age when customers are of paramount importance, business success hinges on a deeper and real-time understanding of the customer. Social media enables the rewired organization to glean valuable insights about consumers. It is also notable that companies are beginning to realise that engaging customers requires commitment from the company, thus redefining marketing setups.

Most businesses are quickly adapting to the change and are interacting directly with customers.

Intelligent Marketing – The information rich Starbuck Facebook page which includes locations, the ease to send, win, and reload Starbucks cards, interactive consumer polls is a huge draw.

Social Recruiting – is here to stay as well – Bullhorn Reach, a SaaS social recruiting service passed a million unique visitors in April this year.

Lead Generation – With a special focus on lead generation, a number of B2B companies are beginning to experience the surprising success that comes with social media presence, 57% of B2B companies draw business from social media.

Proactive Customer Service – Transparency is the key to successful customer service and if we look at airline ticket management, social media has considerably made it an effective platform for customers to contact companies when they require assistance or information.

Supply Chain – Social media also has the ability to bring together disparate aspects of a supply chain, filling in information gaps in real time and also help everyone in the supply chain assert total control over data flow.

With customer defining success/failure of a business on social media, the day is not far that departmental appraisals would get based on social media success. As a matter of fact a telecom giant assesses its marketing success on the basis of social media consumer response and also rates their managers accordingly.

We at blueocean believe social media is not just about online presence; it’s about leveraging it’s power in every sphere of business.


Sahan Narahari
Sahan Narahari
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