I am really excited that Brent Dykes has agreed to speak at Course5 Compass on May 14th. We are surrounded by data today and Brent helps us make better use of it all by showing us how we can use data to be more effective storytellers. He has a passion for helping companies become more data-driven through more intelligent and nuanced storytelling. Brent has written several books, including his recently published Effective Data Storytelling: How to Drive Change with Data, Narrative and Visuals. He also won the Digital Analytics Association’s Most Influential Industry Contributor award in 2016.

I have known Brent from my earliest days in the analytics industry. We met in early 2007, when Brent was at Omniture (now Adobe) and I was at Comcast Interactive Media. We were in the process of implementing Omniture and Brent helped us with the transition. His calm, measured approach was crucial in guiding us through a challenging transition. 13 years later, Brent still leverages that calm, measured approach to help his clients succeed with data.

I spoke with Brent via Zoom about his upcoming presentation at Course5 Compass:


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