As our marketing ecosystem is getting intricate and evolved year over year, we are seeing the consumer buying journeys getting extended and complex, which is putting a lot of pressure on the acquisition, content, CRM and re-marketing teams to maintain a consistent and streamlined messaging across all top of the funnel and bottom-line channels, without compromising on the channel ROI and CPA.

From the analytics point of view, we are seeing a daunting challenge in front of us to facilitate an end-to-end view of the consumer journey because, the consumer touchpoints are getting spread across multiple channels, some of which are not even under the control of the brand itself but, it still demands a passive listening of their conversations and derive value from there. One of the major milestones that every online business wants to achieve in this current landscape is the real-time profiling of their cross-channel audience and classifies them into multi-hierarchical segments, which are fluid and allowing the smooth flow of the consumers from one segment to another based on their change in state or behavior.

But, it also poses a bigger question to the business stakeholders that, what’s next? Does the natural profiling and segmentation is the end goal or, we are chasing something else? In last 7 years, lots of digital businesses have leveraged the traditional profiling and segmentation approach and built a solid CRM and Re-marketing framework by partnering with ESPs, DMPs, DSPs, and SSPs but, is that the end goal we are going after?

Lately, we are getting a lot of interesting problems from some of the eminent brands in the BFSI, Telecom, Travel, and Retail sector asking pertinent questions like, what is the next best offer or an action for my prospective and existing customers considering their current context and sentiment? And, how to smartly recommend them especially when they are qualified for more than 20 offers at any given moment?

If we go deeper into these questions, we will find that: these businesses are craving for some kind of a real-time self-learning based decision engine, who could profile, qualify, recommend, collect omnichannel interactions and feedback, enrich the audience profiles, re-qualify them and finally, re-recommend.

At Course5 Intelligence, we are on our journey to build vertical-focused decision engines using Artificial Intelligence by respecting our client product lead time, consumer buying journeys, and most importantly, their audacious revenue goals. To learn more about, how much we have progressed in last 2 years and impacted some of the eminent brands in the industry, do visit our website and ask for a conversation with our Product & Solutions team, and we would be more than happy to share our experiences with you.

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