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Delivering transformational business impact through information integration

We live in a multi-dimensional world with organizations having to cope with increasingly larger volumes of data and resources. In order to generate deep insights with transformational impact, it’s critical that organizations move beyond data silos, searchable repositories and basic meta-analysis.

Different from its traditional counterpart, an integrated approach to data involves: (1) maximizing the value of research data from (very) deep analytics; (2) triangulating the collected information with other parallel sources of information to produce a complete and conclusive view; and (3) incorporating business models including market, revenue drivers, competitive landscape and customer attitudes and behaviors.

However, we know that many organizations today face challenges, including time and budget constraints, or limited access to the right skills, whether internal or with current partners, that make them hesitate to work towards an integrated approach to their analytics, social or market intelligence projects.

Presented in association with Simon Chadwick, Managing Partner of Cambiar Consulting, our webinar – “Superior Insights through Information Integration: Debunking Common Misconceptions and Myths” – provided an insightful overview about the evolution towards information synthesis and common myths surrounding typical departmental challenges when applying an integrated approach. Real case studies revealed how a 360 view of an organization’s customers, competitors and markets can produce better insights with greater business impact.

View the webinar here.

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Kumar Mehta

Dr. Kumar Mehta is an advisor to Course5 Intelligence. Kumar has been at the forefront of data analytics and innovation for over 25 years and...
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