Blueocean Market Intelligence is proud to be a One Star sponsor at Digital Analytics Association’s San Francisco Symposium next month. Designed to enhance the professional development of digital analytics, web analytics, marketing and business professionals, these symposiums bring everyone together for a day of learning and networking. We are excited to join world-class speakers and other local digital analytics professionals for an opportunity to learn in person from experts.

The theme for the symposium will be “Getting Data Right: Optimizing Performance Using Quantitative AND Qualitative Practices.” We look forward to participating in a lively conversation around how Blueocean and other industry leaders have put into practice the principles of qualitative data collection, optimization, and connection to the quantitative data. Discussions around Big Data almost never disappoint and we don’t imagine this will either.

Beside the great event content, for out-of-owners, trendy and popular San Francisco will also play a great hostess for this event – even if just for a couple days.  I hope you are able to join me and the entire Blueocean team in a few weeks. Stay tuned to our Blue Blog, Facebook and Twitter account for more details.

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