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Blueocean Arrives in Austin Next Month for the Market Research Exchange to Talk Transformation and a 360 Approach to Brand Health Measurement

As a Speaker and Sponsor, Blueocean Market Intelligence is excited to join other corporate researchers and practitioners at the Market Research Exchange next month in Austin on June 22-24.

While there is certainly a myriad of other research conferences to choose from (and some quite worthwhile), we like the atypical format of the Market Research Exchange. It provides a more intimate, collaborative setting for learning and networking, and the program content is specifically designed for the seniority of the participants, with a focus on strategy rather than solely education. The city of Austin will also be a great host and backdrop to the event this year with its Texas charm and hospitality, not to mention trendy restaurants and bars, a great outdoors scene, and cutting-edge music and arts.

This year’s theme “Transforming Market Research Through Strategic Collaboration with the Enterprise” is a perfect fit for our organization and what we stand for. We know that Corporate Insights and Market Research Departments are under more pressure than ever to deliver results that impact boardroom decisions and become trustworthy consultants to their organization, going beyond the presentation of survey results. However, they face formidable challenges such as the explosion of data, digitalization and empowered consumers. Our unique approach tackles these challenges head on and helps organizations realize a 360-degree view of their customers through data integration and a multi-disciplinary approach that enables sound, data-driven business decisions. Clients are then able to focus on inspiring their organizations to make the right business decisions to gain a competitive advantage.

So I hope you can join me and Shannon McGuire, Vice President, in a couple weeks for this great event. We can introduce you to Blueocean Market Intelligence, including our key services in Market Opportunity Assessments, Competitive Intelligence, Primary Market Research and Survey Analytics, and help solve for your specific research challenges. Stay tuned to our Blue Blog, Facebook and Twitter account for more details about my Brainweave session presentation “A 360 Approach to Brand Health Measurement: Helping You Meet the Challenges of Tomorrow” and other announcements. Know more: https://bit.ly/BMI_MRE

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