Client: Fortune 100 Global Technology Company

Assessed and Strategized by Blueocean Market Intelligence – Social Media

Being well along the line of social media evolution, this fortune 100 company had its presence across various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and such like. However, it needed to put its foot down and tame the social media fire. Although many channels made noise about the services and products of this company, there were issues with the integration of conversations taking place as well as providing insights in order to improve product quality and customer experience.

Social Media Footprint Of The Fortune 100 Company:

Primary project objective: Unification and rewiring of Social Media Channels 

Lack of social governance made it worse for the company to control the social media strategy. The company didn’t have a unified social media approach and many of their social footprints were in-active and left unmonitored.

The Social Media Assessment strategy had to reach beyond standard maintenance of digital properties to incorporate an integrated social media strategy with a robust governance policy. The result is actionable, long-term strategic recommendations which will enable the company’s marketers to use each channel effectively.

Social Media Integration Highlights


A complete Social Media assessment – The key assessment areas:

Governance, Channel Usage, Conversation analysis, Content quality, Cross-pollination, Touch-rate, Optimization, Customer Landscape 


Developed an Integrated Social media strategy and model to ensure relevance, reach and resonance across digital properties 

Defined “Social Tree” for each brand 

The “Social Tree” aligns social channels with the brand, building a responsive and integrated ecosystem for each brand function/segment.


Created a social media cheat sheet for future reference

Classified the Social Media properties into three different categories “Corporate”, “Communities” and “Products” for better control and create engagement strategies

Developed key measures and KPIs to measure social impact

Social Media operation model and guidelines

Social media activity and migration calendar

Outcome: Integrated Social Ecosystem

The results surprised even the social media enthusiasts. With this single project, the company developed a consistent audience engagement across social media channels and better synergy within functions. This project set a new precedent for future social media operations and product launches on social media.

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