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Adapt or Perish: Generating Insights in a Hyper-Connected and Data-Driven World

The market research landscape has changed tremendously with the emergence of technology and connectivity habits of consumers. There is no sign of things slowing down with today’s hyperconnected customers expecting high responsiveness from their product vendors and service providers.

Perhaps American philosopher Alan Watts said it best, “the only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”

Intelligent data analysis will be the key imperative for corporations that want to thrive and not just survive over the next decade and more. As a result, insight organizations are at a crossroads.  Either they view this change as a golden opportunity to maximize their impact through information synthesis and analytics, leveraging the ever-increasing data sources available to them, or become irrelevant if their primary focus continues to center around customer surveys.

Join Kumar Mehta, CEO with Blueocean Market Intelligence, and Reed Cundiff, General Manager with Microsoft Corporation, on Wednesday, November 4 for a special keynote presentation at The 2015 Market Research Event in Orlando. They will share a vision around how insights departments can create a data-driven culture and provide insights professionals with a recipe for success centered on the principles of 360-degree information synthesis, research process disaggregation, analytics, embracing the digital world and having information at your fingertips.  The keynote will also include a call-to-action to the research industry to step up and become leaders in the new age of data-driven decision making.

Adaption will continue to play an important role and so is the ability to transform your organization at a faster pace and with more precision. So mark your calendars for this exciting keynote and we will see you there!

To know more about The 2015 Market Research Event and Blueocean Market Intelligence presence, please click here.

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