Revolutionizing Research
with AI

The Market Research industry is at the cusp of a dramatically changed future. Traditional research models are in flux and research practitioners and stakeholders are seeking to do more with less, with greater speed by combining the power of new technologies and multiple data streams to inform their business decisions.

A closer look at a typical research program will reveal that a large part of the resources is utilized by operations. Business decision makers are under pressure to react to market situations in quick time and expect insights from research to match this pace. There is constant need to maintain a balance between cost, time, and quality throughout the value chain from problem statement and research instrument design to derivation of final insights.

There is a need and an opportunity to enhance efficiencies and add value at various steps of the process. Embedding intelligence, both human and machine, across the research value chain creates new capabilities to innovate, operate, and compete.

Course5 Intelligence’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies act as an enabler across all our research operations services. Our technology impacts the entire value chain from survey scripting to data collection, data processing, analysis and reporting. Massive automation reduces costs and turnaround time with greater quality. These technologies work on top of all major industry platforms. At Course5, we also understand that the needs of every organization are different and that to succeed, both technology and domain expertise need to align to our customer’s business objectives.

market research tools-overview


Opportunity Discovery

Through deep analytics and industry expertise

Faster Go-to-Market

By creating efficiencies and speed at scale

Information and Idea Synthesis

Using existing data from multiple sources through supervised and unsupervised learning of data

Higher Productivity

By equipping your teams with diagnostics, automation, and offloading of rote tasks


Course5 Optimizer Suite

Course5’s AI-driven process automation platform for accelerating Market Research operations

survey builder
advertising research

Course5 Creative Testing

Course5’s cloud-based, self-service ad pretesting testing platform

Course5 Link

Course5’s cloud platform linking all the internal and external data assets of an organization

analytics software


  • Optimize cost, speed and quality– Greater efficiency in business processes, from managing costs and increasing the speed at which insights are generated to creating seamless working experiences for your team
  • Enable deeper insights from your data through self-service systems or services that allow you to detect black swans, gain better understanding of problem contexts, and anticipate needs of business or end users