Accelerating the Adoption and Usage of Advanced Analytics in Retail
February 10, 2022
11:00 AM EST | 05:00 PM CET


Course5 Intelligence Strengthens leadership; Gets ex-Majesco Limited MD Farid Kazani Onboard as EVP

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Product Reviews and Voice-of-Customer (VoC) Analysis


Course5 Intelligence to Collaborate for Applied AI Research with BITS Pilani and Woxsen University


We chose Course5 not because we wanted a vendor but instead needed a partner. Course5 foundationally understood our business and pushed us to stay ahead with the skills in different technologies expected today. This partner criteria helped us narrow down very quickly and realize Course5 was a right fit to truly drive us forward. We are going through a huge shift at our organization and Course5 has always been of great help. We traditionally have segmented our customers by products and are now moving to a customer segmentation model. Course5 has been a key partner in helping us approach this problem and rethink how we have been approaching segmentation as a whole. It has been a great experience working with Course5 and we would certainly recommend them. Read More

Audience Management and Personalization, Global Business Intelligence at Leading Technology Firm

I have closely worked with the folks from Course5 for many years now and they have always been a great partner to work with in the digital and analytics spaces. They have played key roles in automating and owning multiple critical data and process work streams that have helped us better meet internal business needs and move up the analytics maturity curve. This has helped us drive more value for the business and often helped us scale as business needs evolved. The two things that have impressed me the most have been: 1) Results orientation with client focus - Course5 does a great job of understanding their client needs and coming back with scalable, sustainable, tailored solutions that meet business needs and solve business pain points. 2) Innovation - This is another area that Course5 excels at in proactively bringing forward new solutions that have worked elsewhere and could also help your business.Overall, I would highly recommend Course5 to anyone looking to scale and build out a mature and robust digital and analytics practices. Read More

Former VP - Business Intelligence, Global Business Intelligence at Leading Technology Firm

Our Global ecommerce group is extremely focused on Advanced Analytics as a way of driving its business. Over the last 10+ years, we have made decisions to build world class Analytics capabilities globally, in a way that allowed us to drive competitive differentiation across our entire customer value chain. As we matured and wanted deeper expertise, we have relied on some select and key partners to help us scale and optimize our capabilities. Course5 has been a key player in this context, helping us not only scale our business meaningfully, but also providing us best-in-class use cases and working collaboratively as one extended team. Course5 differentiates itself as a highly customer focused partner. They are unafraid to roll up their sleeves and take on challenges without being overly bureaucratic and cumbersome. Their focus on delivering 'value' is something we deeply appreciate as we continue to ramp our business aggressively. Read More

VP & GM - Global eCommerce and Digital Marketing, Leading Technology Company

We chose Course5 as a strategic partner after 4+ years of daily interaction with the company as well as an analysis of their strategic and execution capabilities. When I moved jobs, Course5 was the first company that I called to on board as our strategic partner for analytics and business insights. By providing more than just standard reporting, Course5 has helped us achieve our business goals. They proactively worked to bring new insights to the business as well as improve processes and technology Course5 is an incredible partner. They spend the time to understand your business and organization and fill in strategic and tactical gaps. This crosses people, process, and technology. They went the extra mile by providing additional expertise and resources to ensure a proper ramp up of our business. They proactively provided models and process improvements that were not in our original scope, but were ultimately critical for the business to implement. Would I recommend Course5 to someone else? Without a doubt, YES. Read More

Sr. Director, eCommerce & Digital Marketing (Head of eCommerce), Large Tobacco Company

Course5 is a key partner for us as they provide us with value-added information about industry trends. They are very adaptive and understand exactly what we are looking for when it comes to competitive information, fire drills, or insights that require them to dig deeper. Thanks for being such a reliable, consistent, and responsive partner in all our market and competitive insight needs. Read More

Director of Market and Competitive Intelligence, Leading US Telecom Provider

I've been impressed with the quality and speed of Course5. I've done several research projects with them and plan to continue. Their project teams are efficient and thorough, and provide a seamless process from programming and field work to data processing. They have gone out of their way to help us provide great data insights to our clients. Read More

Strategy Director, Global Banking and Financial Services Firm

On a scale of 1 to 10, a 10 for exceptional performance and high satisfaction not only have you interpreted the requests from a high level of abstraction but turned around all the request quickly and with high quality Read More

Director of Consumer Research and Insight, Leading Technology Company

Course5 has been a core partner for us for the last 4-5 years. The relationship that started through a small POC has only grown bigger and better over the years. They have been instrumental in delivering some of the best analytics tools, solutions, and services driving stellar business value. But what stands out in the relationship is the sense of ownership and accountability that each and every Course5 employee brings to the table in solving "our company's" business problems. Sometimes I feel our internal Global Analytics team and Course5 are Siamese twins joined at the hip. Read More

Sr. Manager - Strategy, Analytics, and Operations, Leading Technology Company

There is no other company in this world that can do this type of amazing work in this time frame with this kind of depth. Read More

Strategic Planning Manager, Leading Technology Company

Course5 and we have engaged in a partnership that is unique in the Market Research industry. We are working directly with Course5 to extend market research tasks offshore to India rather than through on-shore research vendors. The advantage to us is that this gives our research managers significantly more time to work on crucial insights and business decisions stemming from research rather than focusing on the routine aspects of market research. More importantly, this relationship has enabled us to produce new business insights from data that would have previously remained dormant. Course5's experienced management team and project leads bring a variety of options to us in terms of secondary research, primary research, help desk, analytics and project management support. They do this with high quality standards and at highly attractive cost efficiencies utilizing a staff experienced in market research. Course5 has become an invaluable resource to us and we see this strategic relationship growing. Read More

Director of Research, Leading Technology Company

Working with Course5 was a professional and personal pleasure! Together we designed and implemented a cloud infrastructure that improved reporting and analytics capabilities for over 30 properties globally. They have strong technical and business understanding of data automation, marketing attribution, pricing analytics, and advanced analytics strategy.During our work together, Course5 had to work with multiple global internal teams as well as many integrated technologies and 3rd party vendors. They professionally handled the different personalities, corporate governance, conflicts and agendas, travel, time differences, and ongoing technology surprises. The team I worked with always gave me the feeling of business integrity, that they are agnostic to technology, and made their recommendations by what was most efficient and effective in the context we operated in. I'm sure we will have the opportunity to work together again. Read More

Former Director - Digital Analytics, Global Leader in Apparel, Footwear and Accessories

We have worked closely with Course5 as a trusted partner for over 5 years. During that time they have proven themselves to be extremely agile and capable in meeting our requirements in terms of target audiences, geographies, and timescales, and also highly flexible in terms of providing data cuts, points of view, and in-market advice to help us meet the specific demands of our clients. Read More

Executive Director – Insights & Analytics EMEA, Leading Brand Consulting and Design Firm

"It takes 2 hands to clap, two to tango. The fact is that we have built a formula for success because it relies on PEOPLE.. you in Arizona, and you in India.… I have a GREAT team. I stand on your shoulders. I'm only one part of the clap. This is in many ways a recognition of how your efforts have helped shape some of the decisions our subscribers have made based on the effort that YOU put into the reports, every day, to build the voice of the community into a trusted source of customer evidence. We are gaining trust daily. We are building credibility daily. We are building value daily. And that's a championship contribution by any measure." Read More

Senior Manager, Top 5 Technology Company

As in past years, we would like to thank our Course5 Intelligence colleagues for all their hard work and dedication. We are so lucky to have you all as partners and are truly grateful for everything you do. With crazy timelines and demands, the team always delivers the quality we expect and does it with such grace. Read More

Senior Director, Client Services & Team Lead, Leading Global Research Firm